We’re giving back to the community through fashion. What about you?

A caring society is built on a caring heart. As one of Singapore’s leading bespoke tailors, we stepped up to fashion inclusivity at the SG Cares Carnival.

In line with “Fashion For A Social Cause”, organised by Singapore Fashion Runway, we dressed up celebrities – as well as everyday women.

Mediacorp celebrities such as Nat Ho, Silver Ang and Aisyah Aziz took the stage, alongside breast cancer survivors. Wearing a look of confidence and Amos Marcus’ stylish designs, it was hard to tell one from the other.

And that, really, is the whole point of fashion. To empower real people, whom we believe are beautiful in their own right.

Guest-of-honour PM Lee Hsien Loong also used the occasion to launch the SG Cares app, which promotes volunteerism by matchmaking do-gooders and causes.

Attended by 39,000 beneficiaries, volunteers, and members of the public, the SG Cares Carnival is a meeting of minds and hearts. All in the name of building a more caring and giving Singapore.

Amos Marcus is proud to be right at the heart of this initiative. As a driving force within the industry, we’ll continue to use fashion, to fashion inclusivity and harmony within the very fabric of Singapore’s society.

If this strikes a chord with you, go on and pay it forward. What goes around comes around – the community will thank you for it!

Guest-of-honour PM Lee drives home the importance of giving.

The star-studded ensemble, inviting every Singaporean to start caring.

Role-models-turned-runway-models: Jean and Lily hits the stage with Mediacorp artiste Charlie Goh.

Jean and Lilian dazzle audiences together with Mediacorp artiste Darryl Yong.

Mediacorp artiste Nat Ho struts up a storm in an Amos Marcus suit, alongside SFR model Priscilla.

Amos Marcus x SG Carnival 2018 at Our Tampines Hub

5 Reasons why all ladies should get a tailored blouse

We all know tailored dress shirts are an important part of a man’s wardrobe. So why isn’t tailored blouses for women as important? Women have so many curves on their body compared to a man. There are a lot more measurements to consider so why aren’t tailored blouses an essential part of woman’s wardrobe? Here are reasons why it should.

  1. Variation in body types

Ever had a time where your shoulders don’t fit a size 6 blouse but your waist fits nicely? When you try on a size 8, your shoulders fit perfectly but it’s too baggy around the waist? Women have many different classifications of shapes and sizes such as pear, hourglass and straight however some women do not fall into any of these categories. Due to this, not all proportions of a woman’s body are equal and perfect for a standard size. Each shape requires a different cut of clothing to complement it better making one look good. Having a tailored blouse allows you to customise the measurements of the blouse to fit you better and hence complementing your body no matter the body shape.

  1. Varying skin colour

Ever saw a blouse in store and the colours it comes in doesn’t complement your skin tone and hence you couldn’t buy it? Each individual has varying skin colours and tones. Knowing the colour which complements your skin and which doesn’t can help flatter your body more making you look more attractive at every angle. If you don’t know which colour complements your skin tone, it is always best to consult a professional tailor such as ourselves for advice and styling.

3. Customisation

Have a skin allergy to polyester and can only wear cotton? Have a certain design in mind that you would like to make for yourself? Ever went out and saw another woman wearing the exact same blouse you are? Having a tailored blouse would allow one to decide what material and design you want. The colour, material and design can all be customised to fit only you making it unique. No one will ever have the same blouse. EVER. Even if you do not have a design in mind or do not know which colour suits you best, approach a bespoke tailor such as ourselves and we would help you to design and recommend to you what’s best for you.

4. Quality investment

Getting it purposely made for you, you can be guaranteed that the blouse would be of the best quality or your money back. A tailored blouse can last you for the many years to come. It can withstand much more wear and tear than an ordinary, store-bought, ready-to-wear blouse can. This is due to the high quality materials used to make the blouse at the same time the craftsmanship that is put into making the blouse is of the best quality. Allowing your blouse to go through the thick and thins of life with you. The price of making it may be slightly more expensive than store-bought ones but the investment is worth it. Why spend $100+ on a designer blouse when you can spend it on one that is designed for YOU making it much more special.

5. Modern Designs

As fashion moves forward, women are able to wear unconventional blouses on an everyday basis. Times have changed and traditional blouses are not very popular in the market. Due to this bespoke tailors such as ourselves have re-designed blouses to look trendy yet professional. Giving everyday women the confidence to go about their day. Amos Marcus currently has a line of women’s made to measure, blouse designs. The fabric of the designs can also be customised according to the customer’s choice of fabric and sizes are made to the customers’ measurements.



Overall the advantages of having a tailored blouse as an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe outweighs the disadvantages. Due to the price, one is most likely not to get more than one piece but it is a good investment for any woman and it helps to add value to her wardrobe as it is unique to her.

Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About cotton Vs 50/50 Blend For Shirts.

When choosing a shirt, cotton and cotton-polyester blend fabrics would be the most common types. Each of these fabrics have different properties that would suit different needs. Hence deciding on which fabric to use when making your shirt would depend on the purpose of it and personal preference. Below are some information about each type of fabric to help you decide which is best for you.

Cotton is a naturally acquired fibre from the cotton plant and has many positive properties such as being light weight and breathable. It allows air and moisture to pass through the material keeping the wearer cool in hot climates. It is also hypo-allergenic which is suitable for people with sensitive skin and infants. However the disadvantage of having a cotton shirt is that it wrinkles very easily and requires an iron or steamer to keep it wrinkle-free. It is also relatively fragile compared to cotton-polyester blends and may shrink or tear more easily through use. As it is all natural, it is more expensive than other man-made fabrics.

50% cotton and 50% polyester blend fabrics are also commonly used to make shirts. This fabric combines the benefits of both cotton and polyester to suit the needs of the wearer. It is more durable as it does not shrink excessively and is more resistant to tears than cotton. It keeps its shape better and keeps the colours of dyes in better. This fabric is very versatile and can be used for various activities. It is best if there is an intention of wearing the garment often but wanting it to be breathable and comfortable as well. This fabric is suitable for warmer weather but it is not as breathable as cotton due to its polyester content. Due to this, popular places  such as Bangkok, Thailand, often make their suits out of this fabric blend as it is cheaper than cotton and is suitable for the weather.

Polyester cotton blend fabric

When choosing the fabric being used to make your garment, the factors that must be considered are the purpose of the garment and the climate that you are in. Below are examples of how you could go about choosing your fabric for your garment.

Example of climate:
You live in a tropical region along the equator such as Singapore and it is often sunny and humid 365 days a year. Due to this, it is better to get a shirt that is made out of 100% cotton as it allows you to feel comfortable in the hot climate because it is breathable and allows your perspiration to easily pass through. However if you lived in a temperate climate such as in the USA or UK where there is autumn and winter seasons, it is better to get the blend fabric instead as it helps to keep you warm during these cold days at the same time it could be worn during the hotter summer days. Making it versatile for all weather conditions.

Example of purpose:
You are a restaurant manager and you want a shirt meant to be worn and washed often. The ideal material to be used would be 50% blend as you would be working long hours and being on the floor managing your employees hence you would be moving around often. The blended fabric would allow you to feel comfortable even when you perspire in the shirt while working the long hours. It is durable yet comfortable which is what you need. Whereas if you are a part-time office employee who only comes in on certain days of the week to work. The ideal material would be cotton as sitting in the office does not require one to move around so much. In addition the shirt only needs to be worn for a few days of the week hence it does not go through much wear and tear.

If you are still unsure of the type of material to choose, do consult a professional tailor, such as ourselves, to give you advice and a better understanding on which SUITS you best (pun intended). The situation for every individual is different and can change based on personal preference hence the most important factor in choosing a fabric for YOUR garment is YOURSELF.

5 Ways of Dressing that Will Help You Look Slimmer

Being slim and smart is today’s definition of being sexy and attractive in public.

Many of us can deny it by saying that it’s just the society that makes this rule applicable on all of us. However, one has to admit that being slim and smart elements are also associated with health and better fitness. Usually, men believe that they have to go to the gym and get themselves a series of intense gym sessions in order to look slim and smart but this is not the only method. Many men cannot go to the gym due to time constraints or unavailability of quality gym in their region. For such men, here are 5 ways of dressing that can really help them look slimmer and smarter than they used to be:

1.    Pick the Perfect Dress Shirts

Men often are not careful while selecting their outfits. If you want to look slimmer, you need to make sure that the dress shirt you are wearing should be hugging your body i.e. chest, waist and shoulders as it will help to have a slimmer image. There should not be any kind of bunching or grabbing. For this purpose, you can go for athletic, slim-fit and extra slim-fit shirts.

2.    Choose V-Neck Sweaters

Do you know V-neck actually create an illusion of you being tall and also help you look slim? For this purpose, you can pick cotton, silk or wool sweaters and these sweaters should properly fit to your chest, arms and shoulders whereas you are also required to avoid the thick knitted sweaters and bulky sweaters as it will only add to your weight.

3.    How to Pick Pants, Jeans and Trousers Wisely?

Do you know there is an aesthetic element associated with colors which make some colors look flat and slim whereas some appears to be bulky and fat? Colors such as navy gray and gray make you appear flat and slim. When you’re choosing pants, don’t ever buy pleats as it will add some weight to your body shape. You can also wear pinstripes for appearing slim and smart. In addition to this, you should always insist to buy your trousers, jeans and pants at your natural waist. Otherwise, it can provide you a hefty appearance in public if longer.

4.    Buy the Perfect Jackets

It is usually recommended that you should be choosing the jackets which are one inch above your size rather than choosing the smaller ones. More over, it should just be touching slightly your waits. Similarly, in order to lengthen your arms a little bit, you can make your sleeves shorter than usual.

5.    How to Select the Perfect Outerwear?

If you’re confused about buying jackets, overcoats and other such outerwear, you just need to pick the right size of your suit jacket. It is often experienced that men usually like to wear a little large outerwear. However, if you want to look slimmer, you just need to go for the right size. Otherwise, it will make you look heavy and bulky.

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