Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About Black Tie Event

Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About Black Tie Event

When one receives an invitation with the words ‘black tie’, it would typically means that this party is fancy and men should wear more formally. While it’s important to understand which attire should definitely be appropriate, there is a more knowledge on how you can stand out from the norm.

What are dinner jackets?

First of all let’s understand what are dinner jackets and why you can replace your tuxedo with them. These jackets can be of a matching or contrasting colour worn with a matching bow tie, they can be either single-breasted or double-breasted. Their lapels vary but the more formal ones usually have a shawl collar. The notched lapels are slightly informal and should not be worn to a formal event.

They usually have 2 buttons and no vents for a slim look, jetted pockets instead of flap pockets as jetted pockets give a more elegant look than flap pockets. They are usually of different colours, patterns and textures which will help you to stand out from the crowd, look professional and suave. It is preferred that it is not black or midnight blue as you might as well wear a tuxedo if that is the case.

Dinner Jacket imposters!

Dinner jackets look similar to the common blazer and can often be mistaken as one in a black tie event. The difference is that blazers are worn for casual events while dinner jackets are worn for formal events. Blazers can be worn with an open-neck polo shirt or a simple shirt and is usually embedded with metal buttons on the sleeves. It is also commonly worn with a tie. Dinner jackets are formal and usually have cloth buttons on the sleeves. It is usually worn with a bowtie.

Another jacket that can be easily mistaken for a dinner jacket is the mess jacket. It originated from the body coat and evening tail coat but the tails are excluded. It has a double-breasted silhouette, is usually not buttoned and has a pointed middle end at the back. Today, this jacket is commonly used for costumes in the entertainment industry

Dinner Jacket
Mess Jacket

Dinner Jacket Materials

Dinner jackets can be made in velvet and brocade for colder climates but for warmer climates such as Singapore, it is often made out of tropical, worsted wool, linen blend or a silk blend. These materials are lightweight and airy giving the wearer breathability in the hot climates. However do take note that these jackets often do not have a lining due to the warmth and can be see-through. If it is see-through, it is recommended not to buy that jacket as it is of poor quality and would not look good on the wearer.

Recommended buttons on the jacket would be mother of pearl buttons as they have a very nice sheen or cloth covered buttons as they are more formal in a black tie event than regular buttons.

Mother of pearl buttons
Cloth covered buttons

3 Tips for Dinner Jackets

1) Dinner jackets can be of a variety of colours, from burgundy to green, to light blue, any colour is possible as long as the wearer is happy with it. It can also have different patterns on them to give the wearer a more striking look. However the colour and pattern of the fabric used is based more on the wearer’s body shape and skin colour. For example a person that has pale skin would get a colour that is contrasting to his tone. Colours such as olive green or burgundy suit pale skin tones while colours like beige and red should be avoided.

2) Accessories to go with the jacket would be a button hole on the shawl collar so as to add a boutonniere to the look. As well as a pocket square of a contrasting colour to the jacket. It is recommended that the colour of pants be black or midnight blue so as to keep the spotlight on the jacket. For socks, black silk socks that cover the calf and for shoes opera pumps in patent leather or capless black oxfords would match nicely with dinner jackets. Evening shoelaces could be added to oxfords to match with the bow tie. Some men do wear albert slippers with these jackets however it is not recommended as it is too casual for public formal events.

Black oxfords

3) Since the lapel of the jacket isn’t faced, the textures of the bow tie can be experimented with. A wide ribbed grosgrain, barathea, satin or moire bowtie would do the trick depending on the wearer’s preference.

Where to buy dinner jackets?

Off-the-rack clothing brands such as Zara and H&M do sell black tie dinner jackets where one can get them at an affordable price however the designs are limited and depend on season. The size and cutting of the jacket may not be suitable for every individual as everyone has a different body shape. One may get an off-the rack piece but it doesn’t flatter the body as the cutting is made for the general body shape.

Another way to buy them would be from bespoke tailors in Singapore such as ourselves Amos Marcus who make bespoke suits and jackets with a fashionable and stylish twist, making them unique to the individual. It is slightly more expensive than off-the-rack dinner jackets but the investment is worth it. Not only does it fit nicely, you can use it for long periods of time because you will be able to pick the materials and ensure the quality of the jacket. It is also unique to you and it is guaranteed that no one at the event will have the exact same jacket.


5 Tips On How To Maintain And Care For Your Suits

No suit should dry clean on a weekly basis

Now let’s look at the 5 simple tips on how to maintain and properly care for your suit so they can last for a long time.


Dry clean frequently is not recommended, doing so will expose your suit to harmful chemical which will result in wearing out faster. To clean your suits and maintain for a long run, you should use a soft clothes brush or a clean towel to brush through it thoroughly and air out. If there is any spot or stain, you can use a wet towel to remove it.

Dry clean your suit once every 3 months if your wear it frequently or when brushing and airing can’t remove the stain and odour. Never use washing machine or hand wash your suit.


At the end of the day do not fold and keep, this will result your suit to crumple and crease. Hang your suit up with a suit hanger in a spacious wardrobe, so that it will not crushed by other garment. A wide and round end wooden hanger or plastic round edged is a must to retain the shape and drape of the suit rather than a wire hangers, which will leave bumps at both side of the shoulder.


Use a steamer to straighten your suit and it can also remove unwanted smell. Keep out from using a press iron as it will harm the fabric and sometimes cause redundant sheen to your suit. If it is a must to use a press iron, lay a press cloth as a barrier to protect the fabric. A typical steamer in Singapore cost around $100, surely a worth investment. 


Change your suit everyday, allow your suit have a break by not wearing it more than 2 times a week. This will allow you to enjoy wearing it for a long period. In that case, it is preferably to have min 3 suits in your wardrobe so you can wear them in rotation. 


There are ways on how to fold and pack your suit without creasing it badly, but it is recommend to use a garment bag to pack your suits when traveling. The light and breathable garment bag will allow air to circulate through the suit and keep it wrinkle free.

In conclusion, either you buy a off-the-rack or a customised bespoke suit, you need to know how To maintain and care for your suits. Follow the above tips and that will assure your suits will last and retain their silhouette and shape for a long long period of time.

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