5 Ways of Dressing that Will Help You Look Slimmer

Being slim and smart is today’s definition of being sexy and attractive in public.

Many of us can deny it by saying that it’s just the society that makes this rule applicable on all of us. However, one has to admit that being slim and smart elements are also associated with health and better fitness. Usually, men believe that they have to go to the gym and get themselves a series of intense gym sessions in order to look slim and smart but this is not the only method. Many men cannot go to the gym due to time constraints or unavailability of quality gym in their region. For such men, here are 5 ways of dressing that can really help them look slimmer and smarter than they used to be:

1.    Pick the Perfect Dress Shirts

Men often are not careful while selecting their outfits. If you want to look slimmer, you need to make sure that the dress shirt you are wearing should be hugging your body i.e. chest, waist and shoulders as it will help to have a slimmer image. There should not be any kind of bunching or grabbing. For this purpose, you can go for athletic, slim-fit and extra slim-fit shirts.

2.    Choose V-Neck Sweaters

Do you know V-neck actually create an illusion of you being tall and also help you look slim? For this purpose, you can pick cotton, silk or wool sweaters and these sweaters should properly fit to your chest, arms and shoulders whereas you are also required to avoid the thick knitted sweaters and bulky sweaters as it will only add to your weight.

3.    How to Pick Pants, Jeans and Trousers Wisely?

Do you know there is an aesthetic element associated with colors which make some colors look flat and slim whereas some appears to be bulky and fat? Colors such as navy gray and gray make you appear flat and slim. When you’re choosing pants, don’t ever buy pleats as it will add some weight to your body shape. You can also wear pinstripes for appearing slim and smart. In addition to this, you should always insist to buy your trousers, jeans and pants at your natural waist. Otherwise, it can provide you a hefty appearance in public if longer.

4.    Buy the Perfect Jackets

It is usually recommended that you should be choosing the jackets which are one inch above your size rather than choosing the smaller ones. More over, it should just be touching slightly your waits. Similarly, in order to lengthen your arms a little bit, you can make your sleeves shorter than usual.

5.    How to Select the Perfect Outerwear?

If you’re confused about buying jackets, overcoats and other such outerwear, you just need to pick the right size of your suit jacket. It is often experienced that men usually like to wear a little large outerwear. However, if you want to look slimmer, you just need to go for the right size. Otherwise, it will make you look heavy and bulky.

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