Engage Our Designers

We are Amos Marcos, a Singapore-based fashion designer. We believe in only one thing; “Fashion”. It is our passion and almost everything.

Our experienced and skilled team of fashion designers always brings new thoughts and ideas to improve the style of wearing.

Fashion is everywhere. In fact, you don’t buy a simple gas stove if it is not attractive and trendy right?

One thing which is directly associated with the fashion is our apparel, our clothes. Most of the time you face problems when it comes to choosing menswear or women wear as per latest fashion…

Sometimes you don’t know which is the current market trend in clothing fashion and in case you know about it, then that clothes don’t fit your body properly.

Amos Marcos not only provides latest trending fashion but also helps you to style up to any occasion.

We have one questionnaire called “The All in One Questionnaire”. In this questionnaire, you simply answer some questions. It hardly takes only some seconds of your important time.

➢ The first thing you do is selecting the styles and colors best for you from the thousands of options available. If you want any help or recommendations, our expert designers will always be here to assist you.

➢ Next thing you should let us know about the price. This step is most important because your price range decides the quality of fabric used.

➢ At last, we would like you to attach recent full body photo of yours (Without any editing). This will help us analyse your body proportion and skin tone.

All this info is important because we don’t want to deliver the clothes which don’t fit.

After receiving all the details we will assign one expert designer especially for you and he/she will send the first 3 samples of your clothes to you in less than 7 days, if you like the samples we would like to invite you for “Fitting Session” within 10-15 days.

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