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To be Asia’s leading sartorial brand
sɑː ˈtɔːrɪəl/ adjective
relating to tailoring, clothes, or style of dress. “sartorial elegance”

At Amos Marcus, our Mission is to create original high-quality apparels that helps you express your individuality while inspiring modern fashion trends.

Creativity – Ethical – High Service Quality – Inspirational – Exclusivity

“My passion for bespoke tailoring began way back as a child. As a teenager with obesity, I had limited wardrobe options and was constantly disappointed by the choices available in the mass market. I didn’t want to fit into what the big retailers make, I wanted clothes that were made to fit me like a glove.”

– Amos Marcus

We are the designers of our lives and fashion is one of many ways to paint it. Amos Marcus believes that first impression counts; in order to stand out and look dazzling during the special events of your life, an off-the-shelf suit just won’t cut it. An excellent tailor puts together an ensemble of texture, fabric, intricate designs and special touches to bring out your best features for the important chapters of your life.

Amos has made the ordinary person extraordinary. He is highly committed to his craft and spends time with each client to understand their needs before he takes measurements personally and pick out fabric from Italy, England or Korea for each suit he designs. With an exclusive clientele, Amos Marcus as the top celebrity tailor in Singapore has designed suits for Mediacorp Celebrities for the past years.

Colours and skin tones, a bold selection of fabrics, along with added tiers of measurements enhances a waist-hugging slim cut are important design elements that Amos considers when putting a suit together.

A different cut, a different class.

The way you groom yourself and the way you dress will leave an impression and change the way other people hear what you say. Dress to impress; dress the message.


Amos Marcus Koh
The Celebrity Tailor


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A Different Cut . A Different Class .

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